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Grace Alano, San Francisco Immigration Attorney
Grace Alano, San Francisco Immigration Attorney


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My meeting schedules are flexible, and I can access foreign language interpretation in Spanish and Tagalog for those who need it (through interpreters not licensed by the State Bar).

I am available in person at my office or by video conference.

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San Francisco Immigration Attorney Grace R. Alano

Alano Immigration is a full service, boutique immigration law office serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. I am a San Francisco immigration attorney and Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law (certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California). Whether your desire is to apply for citizenship, reunite with your family from abroad, obtain lawful residence for your spouse or fiancé, obtain lawful status through employment or investment, or escape persecution in your home country, my office can help you attain your goals.


I understand the complex rules, requirements, and procedures and will help you comply with USCIS policies so that your applications for marriage green cards and fiancé(e) visas are accepted without additional delay.
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I work with individuals and smaller companies to secure employment-based visas such as H-1Bs for those in specialty occupations, O-1Bs for aliens of extraordinary ability in the arts, and P-1s for internationally recognized athletes.
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Humanitarian forms of relief include political asylum, VAWA and U visas for victims of crime. If you are fearful of returning to your home country because doing so risks your life or freedom, you may be eligible to apply for political asylum.
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"Along with 1.370 others at the Paramount Theater, I did it!! Thanks for all your help Grace!"

Applications for U.S. Citizenship Have Been on the Rise!

Applications for U.S. citizenship have been on the rise this year, with many people hoping to be sworn in before election day so they can vote.  Many of my clients here in San Francisco applied for citizenship because it was finally their time, ...

Grace Alano on Your Legal Rights Radio Show with Chuck Finney

My Appearance on “Your Legal Rights” Radio Show

I was recently a guest on Chuck Finney's radio show, "Your Legal Rights," on San Francisco station KALW.  Mr. Finney is the Deputy District Attorney for San Mateo. He has a weekly radio show with various legal topics.  Our week's topic was an ...

H.R. 158, Visa Waiver Program

Discriminatory H.R. 158 Bill Targets the Wrong People

The Iranian-American community and its allies are rallying against discriminatory bill H.R. 158, Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. In essence, the bill is overly and unreasonably broad in that it will ...