Waivers of Inadmissibility for Criminal Convictions, Fraud, and 3 & 10 Year Bars

I am experienced in presenting waivers of inadmissibility, such as those applied for on Form I-601, to USCIS, and consular offices abroad. If your family member needs a waiver for fraud, unlawful presence, prior deportation, crimes, or health-related grounds, I can help you.

I can also assist you with an application for an unlawful presence provisional waiver on Form I-601A.


If you or your spouse was an exchange visitor on a J visa and needs a waiver of the two-year foreign residence requirement, or are unsure about whether you or your spouse is subject to the requirement, contact me for an appointment.

Contact Alano Immigration

If you are interested in learning more about immigrant visa waivers or J-1 visa waivers, call (415) 413-VISA (8472) or send me an email to schedule a consultation about your U.S. immigration law issues. I offer convenient consultations in which potential clients discuss their possible cases with me and learn about their options from an experienced immigration attorney.

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